Hey Baby Doll! Welcome!

Hello, Bataani Raani!! Here's is where you can come to see if I have anything to say to you - kiss, kiss! First of all, let me tell you how proud I am of you that you are trying out this class. Stick with it, Baby, and I bet you will love it and go off on your own!! I loved the video they showed at the beginning of class. Did you notice the FB office. Did it not look cool? I would love to work for Mark Zuckerberg. Or maybe you can work at FB and I can visit you, huh? :-) Here, take a look at this website that talks about the advantages of working at FaceBook. FaceBook over Apple???.

Here's the Big Guy!

Here's what we'll do, my love:

I can check your website and see if you have any messages for me here: Vedika's Domain!!